What: Grain boundary misorientation distribution showing signiciantly enhanced twin fraction for a CZTS film synthesized by cosputtering and annealing. Who: Win Maw Hlaing Oo, Jeff Johnson, Ashish Bhatia, Liz Lund, Matt Nowell, and Mike Scarpulla. More: Our new paper in Journal of Electronic Materials. An author's copy of the final manuscript is also available here or here. Reseach page.

What: (a) M=0 and M=2 solutions for the real amd imaginary components of the wavevector for guided modes in a slab waveguide with loss in the core layer. (b) Field profile for the M=2 solution. The method developed in our new paper can be used to analytically solve for the guided modes in very thin soalr cells incorporating waveguiding. Who: James Nagel (conceived of and solved the problem), Steve Blair, Mike Scarpulla. More: Our new paper in Optics Express. Reseach page.

What: Photon absorption enhancement for a 1 micron thick Si solar cell with embedded SiO2 nanoparticles vs. their pitch. Who: James Nagel, Mike Scarpulla. More: Our new paper. Reseach page.

What: Normalized electric field magnitude for 700 nm wavelength light in a 1 micron thick layer of Si with A) a periodic array of embedded SiO2 nanoparticles and B) a single isolated nanoparticle. The nanoparticles scatter light laterally in the cell for light trapping. This concept can increase the light absorption in thin Si solar cells. Who: James Nagel, Mike Scarpulla. More: Our new paper. Animations on YouTube. Reseach page.

What: Increase in grain size in CZTS thin films A) as sputtered B) after annealing in sulfur vapor. Larger grains are ususally associated with lower recombination in thin film PV materials. Who: Jeff Johnson, Haritha Nukala, Liz Lund, Ashish Bhatia, Win Maw Hlaing Oo, Loren Rieth, Chris Hancock, Mike Scarpulla. More: Our MRS Spring 2010 papers. Reseach page.

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October 2012 - Positions open for Postdocs and PhD Students!

Oct. 20 2011 - James succesfully defended his PhD dissertation this AM - congratulations Dr. Nagel!

Oct. 14 2011 - Jan Muessener finished his internship and will return to finish his Masters in Giessen. We are sad to see him leave.

Oct. 2011 - James solved the problem of waveguiding in waveguides with arbitrary loss exactly and applied it to ultra-thin solar cells. New modes not exisiting in lossless waveguides were found. The work appears in Optics Express.

Oct. 2011 - Win and Jeff's paper on CZTS published in Journal of Electronic Materials. Author copy is here.

Sept. 2011 - Volodymyr Kosyak joins group as new postdoc - welcome Volodymyr!

June 2011 - Mike & Ashish attend PVSC in Seattle. James & Ashish present posters.

June 2011 - Paper on Sn doping of Ge using pulsed-laser melting presented at EMC in Santa Barbara.

April 2011 - Jeff has a talk and James a poster at MRS Spring.

March 2011 - Mike helping with planning Area 1 at PVSC.

March 2011 - Mike at DOE BES Physical Behavior of Materials Workshop.

Jan 2011 - Mike and Ashish attend NSF Workshop on Laser Processing and Energy Applications at UC Berkeley and give talk about laser processing CuInSe2 (CIS).

Jan 2011 - Mike interviewed for PV Magazine article on Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS)

Dec 2010 - Mike attends National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium in Irvine, CA.

Nov 2010 - Mike gave invited talk at MRS Fall Meeting on epitaxially integrating rare-earth nanoparticles with III-V semiconductors; ErAs in GaAs and GdN in GaN.

Nov 2010 - Mike interviewed by EnergyHarvesting.com about thin film PV research.

Nov 2010 - Mike & Ashish trip to Luxembourg to visit Phillip Dale's group to kick off NSF Materials World Network collaboration on laser processing of thin film PV materials.

October 2010 - James' poster on dielectric nanoparticle light trapping takes 1st place at NanoUtah Conference.

October 2010 - First year MSE grad student Cody Mart joins group. Welcome Cody!

October 2010 - Mike gave an invited talk "Commodity-Element Chalcogenides for >GW-Scale Photovoltaics" at the 218th Electrochemical Society Meeting in Las Vegas

October 2010 - Mike & James gave posters on "Commodity Element Sulfide Semiconductors for Thin Film PV Scale-Up " and "Enhanced Light Absorption in Optically-Thin Solar Cells" at MRS Photovoltaic Materials and Manufacturing Issues workshop in Denver.

September 2010 - Mike organized and moderated MBE and Energy: Perspectives for the Next Decade" Rump session at NAMBE.

September 2010 - Mike presented talk on physical properties of 2 nm ErAs nanoparticles embedded in GaAs at the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE) conference in Breckenridge.

September 2010 - ECE undergrads Guy Miller and Arslan Majid join group. Welcome Guy & Arslan!

September 2010 - Jeff's SEM image of SnS hoar frost on the surface of non-optimal CZTS films featured in College of Engineering "Utah Powder" ad in Snowbird's 2010-2011 visitor's magazine.

September 2010 - Embedded dielectric scattering enhancement of Si solar cells featured in Nature Photonics.

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