This page is for software, references, etc. to share on the website.


MATLAB Programs and Scripts

Mie Scattering Calculator – these were written by Dr. James Nagel to simulate Mie scattering from nanoparticles. Nagel_Mie_Scattering_MATLAB

Multilayer Optical Calculators – these calculate the reflected, transmitted, and absorbed power in a multilayer stack using the Frensel coefficients.  Main calculation written by Dr. James Nagel.  Calculators of R,T, A vs wavelength and of power absorbed vs depth for a single wavelength (both for normal incidence) are included.  The core program solve_layered_stack is more general and can solve for off-normal incidence and different polarizations in 2D domains.   multilayer_calculators      

IQE Calculator – Solar cell IQE calculated for a PN junction solar cell composed of two quasineutral regions and a depletion width incorporating recombination velocities at both front and back.  Original formulation assuming Si and thus no generation in depletion width by Hovel.  Adapted for the general case to incorporate a bias-dependnet depletion width.  IQE_uniformlayers