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Mike Scarpulla+ Associate Professor
Materials Science & Engineering and
Electrical & Computer Engineering.

+ Adjunct, Assoc. Prof. Chemical Engineering

+ Editor, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
Materials Science of Compound Semiconductors, Thin Film Photovoltaics, Laser Processing of Compound SemiconductorsOffice: 3124 MEB
Phone: (801) 585-1231
Fax: (801) 581-5281
Lab: (801) 587-5679 or (801) 585-3241

Mailing Address:
Room 2355 MEB, ECE Dept. Receiving
50 S. Central Campus Dr.
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9206

Visiting Faculty
Vipul KherajAssistant Professor, SVNIT, Surat, India2013-2014. Defects in CZTS, surface photovoltage spectroscopy, aging of perovskites. Faculty Page
Mehmet (Eray) ErkanPostdoc (2013-)
Akira NagaokaVisiting Postdoc (2015-2017). JSPS Postdoc FellowshipBulk crystals of CZTSSe
Grad Students
Anna CarusoPhD ECE (2013-)Defect spectroscopies on CZTSSe
Sudhajit MisraPhD ECE (2013-)Optoelectronic charcterization of thin film semiconduuctors,
laser processing of CdTe, CuInSe Solar cells
Dennis PruzanPhD MSE (2013-)Defects in CZTSSe
Makarand (Mak) KarmarkarPhD MSE (2011-)CZTSSe
Carina HahnBS/MS MSE (2016)CZTSSe Devices, CdTe
Kholoud Al-AjmiPhD ECE (2015-)Defects in CZTSSe
Laura TreiderPhD ECE (2014-)III-V Band Offsets
Peter PeroncikPhD Phys (2014-)Properties of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskites
Alex GibbsBS Phys, MS MSE (2012-)CZTSSe devices
Tom WilenskiBS ECE (2015)
MS ECE (2016)
DLTS Instrumentation
Omar SalahBS MSE (2015)CZTSSe Devices
Visiting Students
Chalapathi Uppala(2014)CZTS Growth & Cell Fabrication
Rujun Sun

(2016-)Electrical Characterization of CZTSe solar cellsEmail:
Collaborators (in no particular order)
Phillip Dale GroupU LuxembourgLaser Processing of Electrodeposited Cu(In,Ga)Se2
Zang, Vardeny, Whittaker-Brooks Groups University of UtahPerovskites for Photovoltaics
Chris Ferekides GroupU South FloridaLaser Processing of CdTe
Kenji Yoshino GroupU MiyazakiBulk crystals of CZTSSe
Andrei PostnikovUniversité de LorraineAb-initio vibrational free energy of point defect formation
Glenn Teeter GroupNRELCharacterization of combinatorial CZTS
Mike Toney GroupSSRLXray characterization of thin film PV materials
Kirstin Alberi GroupNREL
Ingrid Repins GroupNRELDefect Spectroscopies on CZTSe
Naba PaudelU ToledoLaser Processing of CdTe
Brian SimondsPostdoc (2012-2014)Laser processing of CdTeNIST Boulder
Volodymyr KosyakPostdoc (2011-2013)Defects in CZTSSeSumy State University, Ukraine
Win Maw Hlaing OoPostdoc (2009-2011)Defects in CZTS
Junyi ZhuPostdoc (2012-2013)Ab-initio defects in CZTS City University of Hong Kong
James NagelPhD ECE (2010-2012)Light Trapping in Thin Si, scattering by dielectric nanoparticles, modes in lossy waveguidesTerahertz Devices
Ashish BhatiaPhD MSE (2008-2013)Laser processing of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGSe)Intel
Elizabeth (Liz) LundPhD ChemE (2010-2014)Defects in CZTSSe